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Side of Pork (max. 100 lbs carcass weight, 70-75 lbs of cuts)

Wild Mountain Farm

Side of Pork (max. 100 lbs carcass weight, 70-75 lbs of cuts)


Priced by the hanging carcass weight at $4.00 per lb., which includes all cutting and wrapping and smoking of hams and bacons. The weight is 100 lbs for the maximum starting side, and about 70-75% of this after being cut and processed. Our standard cut side of pork includes pork chops, a pork tenderloin, pork ribs, 3 pork shoulder roasts, two pork loin roasts, 5-10 lbs of ground pork, about 8 lbs of bacon, 2 ham roasts, and 2 ham steaks or a center-cut ham roast.

You can include a note about how you would like your side processed if you have preferences.  You can opt to have fresh pieces of pork belly instead of bacon, and you can also opt to have your hams unsmoked/uncured also, as roasts, steaks, or more ground.  Tell us in the comments box at check-out.  

We currently require two-three week's notice to process side orders, so they will be delivered a week or two later than most orders.  The side is usually a bit less than 100 lbs and we provide a refund when we know the actual weight of your side. 

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