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Mixed Quarter of Beef (125 lbs carcass weight)

Wild Mountain Farm

Mixed Quarter of Beef (125 lbs carcass weight)


The quarter is priced by the starting carcass weight at $5.00 per lb which includes cutting and wrapping (carcass weight means the weight before the bones are removed, and the weight of meat cuts is 70-75% of the carcass weight).  This much meat will take up 6 or 7 cubic feet of freezer space (about 2.5 banana boxes).  

Mixed quarters contain half of all the cuts from a side of beef including tenderloin, striploins, T-bones, and top sirloin grilling steaks, sirloin tip oven roasts, cross rib roasts, boneless stewing beef, short ribs, meaty-soup bones, and lean and/or medium ground beef. We can optionally grind the roasts or cut more of them into stewing beef.  Include a note about how you would like it cut if you have preferences or give us a call or send an email if you need some guidance.  You can opt to get some soup stock bones, if you prefer, and you may request some liver and kidney.  Give us your preferences in the comments section at check out.  Try to address the following questions in the comments... 

1. do you prefer lean ground (less fat) or medium ground (more fat) or both.

2. standard cutting gives about 40% ground beef, 30% roasts, 10% stewing beef.  Tell us if you like more stewing beef, or more ground beef than this, which would mean less roasts.     



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