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What does "rotate your proteins" and "add in your supplements" mean?

We are not here to tell you there is one absolute way to feed your pets. We know from our experiences that each pet is an individual and thrives in different situations and with different types of foods and supplements.

If you think of food as what feeds the engine (the body), herbs (possible supplements) as an insurance of minerals that may be missing in the food and as superherbs (superfoods) as medicines. You are well equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. 

It makes sense to us that when we think of a K9 or Feline in it's natural environment, it would not eat the same thing everyday, day in and day also makes sense that some days  would require more to eat and other days not so much to eat. Some days would be very active and others not so active.  So how do you make life mimic this "natural environment"? You feed different types of meats like chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit, bison, duck, squirrel, mouse....and the list can go on if you allow your mind to wander through the natural environment of the species your pet has evolved from. When we say rotate your proteins we mean switch your proteins around. Feel free to call the company that makes the food and ask questions. When we say add supplements we mean you can go to your pet food store and take a look at all the different toppers your can mix in with your pets foods. Get to know the company who makes the supplement, yes give them a call, ask your questions and if you get the answers that you feel good about try the supplement. It has also been our experience that rotating supplements will add variety as well.

There is a saying "variety is the spice of life".  We like to think variety keeps life spicy and interesting.