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What about bacteria like Salmonella , E. coli and Listeria?

Healthy dogs and cats have a digestive tract with a low pH level of 1 or 2 which makes it a very powerful bacteria killing environment. Salmonella and other bacteria do not stand a chance in your pets’ digestive tract unless your pets’ immune system is compromised in some way. I would suggest seeing a holistic vet if this is the case.

We humans on the other hand do not have a short strong digestive tract so it is important to clean up after your dog has eaten. Wash their bowl and have them eat their bones either outside or on a mat or in their kennel and then clean up the space after they have finished. If your dog or cat did not finish their bone put it in a press and seal bag, refreeze and serve again at a later date. Do not leave the meat out for more than an hour. Treat their food like you would your own raw meats. Wash your hands and all surfaces that meat has touched. It has been known for salmonella to be present in poop so clean up after your dogs bowl movements as well.