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Pre-pay and save 5% on all products

We're exploring ways to create customer investment opportunities. We've decided to offer customers savings through the chance to pre-pay for "edible credit" with our online store.  To us, this is way better than paying interest on money we might otherwise borrow from banks because the benefits go to the people who our farm depends on--our customers! 

The concept is simple.  For every $1000 of pre-payment on a customer's tab, we will provide a $50 discount on purchases.  For example, a customer who holds $3000 credit on their tab, will receive $3000 plus 3x$50 = $3150 worth of credit on all orders.  When your tab balance is used, you can opt to pre-pay again.     

Meat orders are then paid using your pre-paid tab and an associated "discount code" which is entered at check-out time.  To pre-pay a discount tab, we ask that you pay with cash, check, or e-transfers because these methods do not cost us extra to collect the money.  The website will track the tab balances as the tab value is redeemed with purchases.

If you are interested, please contact Lance by phone or email.