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Follow these steps to place your order...

1. Browse through our selection of bulk meat products to build an order by adding products to your cart until you have what you want for your order ($400 minimum forder).  You can change or cancel an order by contacting us or add additional orders anytime through the month prior to the order deadline, which is the 3rd Monday of each month for Delivery on the first Thursday of the following month.

2. Check out your order.  The first time you order you will be guided to create an account by choosing a password and entering your address and contact information.

3. Enter any additional information at checkout including specific instructions or notes about delivery, such as where to leave your order if you're not going to be home for delivery. 

4. Pay for your order during check-out using PayPal or credit card, or by sending an Interac E-transfer once you get your our automated order confirmation email back indicating we've successfully received your order. 

Minimum order size and delivery cost.

The minimum order size is $400 for home delivery.  We don't promise we can delivery to every home.  We try our very best within our listed service areas.  If yu are unsure send Lance a text or call 902-679-0860.

For home delivery, do I have to be there?

For home delivery, you will either need to arrange for someone to be home during our delivery or you will need to leave  enough coolers/containers beside your door for us to leave your order in, unless of course the temperatures are cold enough to keep your order safe (4 degrees Celsius).  Rubbermaid type containers may work well, or a camping-type cooler, depending on the outside temperatures on delivery day and how long you will be out.