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How do I make sure my dog has a "BALANCED DIET"?

There are many opinions out there on balancing our pets diets.

We believe that balance needs to be achieved over time. Our vet explained it to us this way...think of balance over a two week to one month period of time. It now becomes a more relaxed experience than trying to get every single nutrient into our pet in every meal each and every time we feed. Can you imagine the size of the bowl we would need?  And remember this is suppose to be fun!! Rotation of food, herbs and superherbs over time will provide the body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

According to Dr. Karen Becker, in her book she wrote with Beth Taylor they recommend balancing by including,


  • Meat, including organs
  • Veggie and fruit puree
  • Homemade vitamin and mineral mix
  • Beneficial additions such as probiotics, enzymes, super green foods that aren’t required to balance the diet, but can enhance the vitality of your pet

    Our recipes for dogs are based on 75 percent meat/organs/bone and 25 percent vegetables/fruits. For cats it's 88 percent meat/organs/bone and 12 percent veggies. We've found these ratios work well for most healthy pets.