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How do I know what type of diet to feed my pet?

When you search the internet or ask those involved in feeding raw food diets or who are contemplating feeding raw food to their pets you will find many different opinions of what is "right" and what is "wrong". Remember these are opinions only and they come from the experiences of each individual! It can be overwhelming to say the least. When you make the decision to explore feeding a raw diet please try to feel your way through this....what we mean by this is listen to your gut, read as much as you can and ask questions. If it feels good to you to try a certain way of feeding listen to yourself. Watch your dogs physical and emotional state as you go ahead and feed the diet you choose and if something is showing up that does not look right then adjust your approach, like you would for yourself. If you try a certain food and it just doesn't agree with you and you get headaches or tummy aches then that means you must make the decision to adjust your diet. In our opinion it is no different with your pet. Trying something new keeps life interesting. This is a good time to create a relationship with a vet that will support you through the adjustment periods. So RELAX, HAVE FUN, READ, ASK QUESTIONS, MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS, LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE, WATCH YOUR PET--THEY ARE TALKING TO YOU ALL THE TIME!