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How the Grassfed Meat-ups Work

sIn May 2011, Wild Mountain Farm started a delivery routine to offer more people our grassfed and pasture raised meats. We call this the "Grassfed Meat-ups" because we meet up with people with their meat!

Customers build orders using our website and we bring the orders to central pick-up locations. With this website, customers create an initial account with a password to provide their contact and preferences details.  Then future orders can be quite speedy...just log in, select your products, and check out.  It takes about a minute to place an order once you know what you're looking for!   

Orders placed by 1pm Monday can be ready for Thursday each week (or Saturday and seasonal Wednesday Pickups in Wolfville), though side and quarter orders take longer, usually about three weeks. During checkout, you'll be asked to specify your delivery pick-up location. Some of the partnering businesses can hold the product for a short period if you can't make the pick-up window but let us know with a note in your order if you expect to be later.

We usually pack the orders in plastic bags for meat and veggies come in paper bags. Because our inventory is fairly small scale, we might have sold out of some of the items that you want and require a minimum order size of $100 orders to make it all work!

We accept most credit cards and Paypal through our secure website.  You can also pay with an E-transfer after you've successfully submitted your order.  We try to avoid cash sales now because we can't always be certain we will get to see you when you receive your order. 

Once you've placed your order, you will receive an immediate email from our website confirming your order. If you do not receive an email confirmation, you may want to contact us to make sure the order successfully went through.

If you want to add any items to your order, just place an additional order before the usual deadline.  You can cancel or delay an order if you need to until the day of delivery with an email or phone-call.  But please don't cancel custom-cut side and quarter orders as they take a lot of planning and commitment for us, our abattoir, and our butcher.

If you need to change your pick-up location just email us prior to delivery or call Zakary's cell phone if he is on his way already (902-698-5520).

We are a working farm and we don't really have "office hours". We monitor emails daily and will reply to questions as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.  

Call or email Lance with any questions: Farm: 902.582.1208, Zakary's Delivery Day Cell: 902-698-5520