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Who we are & what we do!

Kathleen and Lance on the farm in November 2014.  Photo by Wendi Stewart (

Wild Mountain Farm is our small family-run livestock farm based 30 km north of Wolfville in Baxter's Harbour. Most of the pasture and haylands that feed the animals are dominated by wild grasses and clovers on top of North Mountain, from which the farm gets its name.       

Lance Bishop grew up here with his family farming mostly for their own food needs. Lance grew up in an abundance of grassfed milk and butter and beef from a couple of old fashioned Guernsey cows. Driven by a passion to provide safe and healthy products from animals that live natural low-stress lives, Lance began offering grassfed beef to customers at the Wolfville Farmers' Market in October 2005 and still does on Saturday mornings.  

At Wild Mountain Farm our methods are guided by the biology of the animals and based on kindness, comfort, and respect. Grassfed beef remains the centerpiece of the farm but we now produce pasture-raised pork, lamb, and eggs too! 

Because we wish to see local food become more accessible for Nova Scotians and easier to get to a fair-returns market for small, already busy producers, we've started a food aggregation and delivery service we call LocalGoodNS Food Delivery.  We source diverse food products from several small scale farmers to make it available through a single online order and delivery system.